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By Liza Kwan 

The elegant fragrant of Sunkisses gives a carefree and lively feeling, as if playing with the forest fairies in a morning of Autumn. When the magic wand is gently waved, tiny glittering dust scatters, and the scent of sweet citrus and blooming neroli embraces your mind. Under the warm sunlight and dancing maple leaves, here comes a fresh and light dream in the color of amber. Waken up by the breeze, the memories of revitalization and delightfulness will stay long with you, while leaving out all hustle and bustle.

Sunkisses is made from all-natural and precious essential oils with citrus as the head notes; neroli, canaga, rose and spices as the heart; and rosewood, cedarwood and vanilla to be the base. The refreshing and uplifting scent is a concerto of sunshine, energy and contentment.