Mystic Rain

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' Elixir of Life on the Nile'

I wanted to create the smell after the rain has fallen on the river Nile in Egypt,
in the era when Cleopatra was alive. That rain that refreshes and rejuvenates everything around because the Petrichor in Egypt was described as the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods.
This is a time when the Nile was covered in blooms of every sort of exotic flowers, fruits, date palms, grasses and a place where Gazelles, camels and ibises came to water. In the far distance are the majestic magical Pyramids.
In the late afternoon light rains falls on the plains creating rejuvenating rainbow raindrops.. As the humidity rises, the smell of assorted flowers growing along the river bank oozing perfumes refreshed by the light magical rain. The aromatic floral nectar, mingled with smells from the earth, trees and wildlife…and after rain.
A heavenly scent, The feeling of exquisiteness.