Sohrab سهراب‎‎

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Sohrab  سهراب‎‎  

"Demolition by fire"

Named after the tragic protagonist in 'Rostam & Sohrab', the infamous “Shahnameh” written by Persian Poet Ferdowsi. 

The Story in Shahnama is based on the history and mythology of the Persian empire. Long regarded as a literary masterpiece, the Story of Sohrab depicts the evolving identity of modern Afghanistan.

Sohrab solemnly recounts the Gulf invasions through emotion and natural elements; the Fire, the Cold, the Glory ,the Promise, the Revolution and the fallen Ashes.

Condemnation of the Afghani culture of Charas cultivation, revealed a world of pain and anguish. However, Sohrab's unwavering hope and determination shine brighter than the stars in the sky, penetrating and overcoming the dark world.
Notes : Elemi,Iran Galbanum, ,Cypress Absolute, Violet Leaf, Frankincense from Oman,Myrrh, Styrax ,Black Pepper, Pink Pepper ,Saffron,fire and ash, Jatamansi,Cumin.Costus, Pomegranate ,Opium, Charas