Stephen V. Dowthwaite

Stephen V. Dowthwaite 

Fragrance Engineers

An English perfumer, perfumery educator, programmer and writer He is the founder of Perfumersworld.

In 1971 Dowthwaite started as an apprentice at Picot Laboratories in London, England. Picot was one of the last perfume houses in the UK to create, compound, package and distribute their own fragrances. He trained under the perfumer Kenneth Burrows and ex-Guerlain compounder Brian Maquaire.

He later worked in milled soap manufacture and became manager of the cosmetic chemistry department of Grossmiths Co. Ltd. From there went on to become a perfumer at Sarant & Co. Ltd. and then Norda Schimmel Co. Ltd. Between 1979-1988 he had two careers, as a London Metropolitan Police officer and a freelance perfumer working with several companies, notably Quintessence Fragrances Ltd., suppliers to the Body Shop and Cosmetics-To-Go (now Lush).